God’s Speaking Surrender

Ok, so I was just speaking with someone Tues night about how even in my freedom because of Christ’s death on the cross I still find myself debating with God when He asks something of me. A few weeks ago the Christian radio station I tune in was having their pledge drive. I often feel compelled to give every time they have one, but never have. This time very early on I heard from God that I was supposed to give $100 and as I pushed back at God about how much that was He revealed He meant monthly. I thought that was just out of the question and even told Him so. I crunched numbers and tried to figure out where in my budget I would be able to come up with this amount of money monthly and couldn’t see it. A couple of days went by and each time I turned on the radio I felt God tugging at me or nudging me. I happened to wake up bright and early one morning and heard that day on the radio the request for $100 right through my radio. I could no longer deny God. I logged online to give my one time gift of $100, but through the course of filling out the form came to the money part. The one time gift would come out immediately and wasn’t a pledge. I didn’t have that amount to give right then and wouldn’t have it until the pledge drive was all over. I knew I was supposed to give so I went ahead and pledged the $100 monthly. A peace came over me that He has asked me to do this so He will provide for me to do this. It took 2 days of debating with God. He’d asked me to give before, but He’d never been so clear about how much. In my eventual obedience I was eventually blessed. Within 2 days of my giving I was able to pay off my college loans that I’d been paying on for 12 years and weren’t due to pay off until the fall and I paid off my knee surgery that I had in ’04 which wasn’t scheduled to be paid off until Dec. God is Good!

For the last two weeks a devotion I read has focused on being open in worship and this last week on surrender. I do not find it ironic at all that God is leading me into this as a new season in my life. I required being closed and cold to survive the things God has brought me through in my life, but He is training me to live a new way. Being closed & cold no longer suits me and it keeps me separated from the body of Christ & from God. It’s definitely not easy for me as it is not something I am accustomed to, but because it is of God I am sensing that it is going to be well worth it in the long run. So as I am working on not debating first with God when He asks something of me, I’ve started this blog. Letting people in on what God is working on in my life and not living closed or hidden or secret. What is God working on in your life? Will you join with me on this journey of growing closer to God? I’m looking forward to the days, weeks, months, & years ahead as we head out on this adventure together! I pray you will help keep me accountable to what God is asking of me and allow me to do the same for you. My grandfather always quoted “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Are you going to rejoice with me on this adventure/journey to complete surrender & openness?

One thought on “God’s Speaking Surrender

  1. Three points: First, I’m very happy to see someone with the courage to write about God speaking to them. This is refreshing, but the unbelievers out their will just think (a) your nuts, and (b) your miracle of faith is nothing more than a sequence of random occurrences. Point 2. following the spirit is rather a tricky thing, so be highly aware that others in the religious community when they find out you hear from God will try to affect you and temper your gifting. Third (3), you may learn like I have that you a gift and that will or can make you a lone wolf at times, as no on likes a person who has a direct connect with the boss. They will pull away — its natural — like the moses shina glory.

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