New Starts In the New Year

This time of year there is all this hype about New Years resolutions. Have you set some?

I’ve always been fairly healthy growing up and in recent years I didn’t see much of the inside of a doctor’s office other than for my annual checkup. This past year was very different! As I prepared for a follow-up appointment with my naturopath this past week I found myself looking back over 2017 to see what is it that can be learned in all of my health struggles from the last year.

First, I have grown a new compassion for those who struggle with chronic issues. Have you ever questioned why someone couldn’t just buck up and get better? I know I’ve been guilty of thinking, “Just buck up!” Well, this past year of searching out doctor after doctor looking for answers as to why my body hurt or I didn’t have the energy to enjoy the things I once loved or I couldn’t concentrate a full day at work or whatever it was, I found that it’s not always as easy as determination when faced with a challenge in front of you.

Next I learned I’m not as patient of a person when it comes to myself. On occasion people will point out how patient I am. Maybe they’ve watched me deal with a situation with my son or watched responses to comments on Facebook posts or experienced my dealing with customers in any of my businesses. All these situations are in dealing with other people though and I found this year I don’t deal with myself with that same kind of patience or grace.

Finally, I’ve learned a new kind of dependence on God my Father. When faced in years past with financial stress I became acquainted with my God as Provider. This year’s health issues required me to get to know God as Healer. Who knows what 2018 has in store, but God covers all of it.

So I enter 2018 with a new compassion, grace or patience, and dependence that I wouldn’t have if God hadn’t allowed the struggles of 2017. I praise God for the improvements that were reported at this week’s appointment and ask for His healing touch on new things that have arisen, but I look forward to what God is about to do in the coming year. My 2018 resolutions involve continued health improvements, continued forward movement through the processes of becoming a pastor, and simplifying life by decluttering what I do not need to continue carrying into the new year.

Abba Father, I pray for each person reading this post that you wrap Your loving arms around them and bring comfort to those hurting, encouragement to those discouraged, love to those feeling unworthy, and joy to those that are doing ok at this time. In Your precious name. Amen.

Would you share your New Year’s resolutions in the comments of this blog?



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